Chris Bigelow - Beautify Tulsa Pressure CleaningWe chose to start a cleaning business because cleaning was a natural skill and its important to keep your Home or Business clean. We hope to make our mark here on this great city in two ways; Clean Tulsa Businesses, Homes and Streets, help clean charities and city streets that need it through donating some of our pressure cleaning.  







Company Info

My name is Christopher Bigelow and my father and I started this cleaning company after we moved to Tulsa Oklahoma in 2013. We chose to start a cleaning company because I had power washing training and a natural passion for cleaning. Combined with a entrepreneurial drive I bought the proper industrial equipment and got the business off the ground and have made many clients very happy with my service and results. Our goal with this proposal is to acquire large commercial cleaning accounts and acquire new clients and actually make our mark on this great city by literally cleaning commercial business, home's and public places.

  Beautify Tulsa Pressure Cleaning LLC.
  Founded in late 2013
  By: Christopher Bigelow age 31
  3701A S Harvard Ave #151
  Tulsa, OK 74135

General Commercial Liability Insurance
  General Liability Insurance Policy: $2,000,000 Full Aggregate Coverage
  Insurer: Covington Specialty Insurance Company. Atlanta, Georgia

  - No Registered Business Complaints To Date: BBB



Beautify Tulsa Pressure Cleaning has been fortunate to have acquired some great clients and have worked with other great companies and people over the past three years. Below is a list of some of our current happy clients along with great people and company’s we worked with. We strive to give you the best cleaning and customer service possible.

- Tulsa Envac Inc. Industrial Cleaning Company (Worked with)
- The Expo Square Tulsa (The current exclusive power washing & auto detailing contractor. RV's, trailer's and automobiles.)
- Frametek LLC. Home Building Company (Worked with)
- Securecare. Franchised Storage Facility (Worked with)
- Congregation B'nai Emunah. Local Tulsa Private School (Current client, power washing contractor)
- Littleson LLC. Commercial Property Owner (Current client. Shopping center cleaning.)

Feel completely free to contact any of these references and ask them about me and how I perform and how I respect people and my clients.


10% Contractor Referral Program

Anytime a company, business, contractor or individual refers a power washing job to Beautify Tulsa Pressure Cleaning and the job goes through, we will kick-back 10% of the total cost to the client back to the referrer.



Thank you for your interest in our services and we hope to hear from you.
If you have any questions or comments feel free to call or email me.

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