Let a clean entry into your business be the first thing your customers enjoy when they visit. We specialize in this, first impressions.

$2,000,000 Liability Insurance


  • Clean Entry Ways
  • Gum Removal
  • Concrete Parking Lots
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Window Washing

  • Gas/Convenience Stores
  • Retail / Store Fronts / Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels / Apartment Complexes
  • Parking Lots
  • Parking Garages
  • Churches
  • City Properties
  • Auto Dealer Fleet Washing
  • Loading Docks
  • Fast Food Drive Thru's
We'll be happy to setup a maintenance program that keeps you clean.



  We've been trained and know how to talk power washing and cleaning to a professional and great standard in our industry. We are currently serving all of the Tulsa Oklahoma area with great industrial equipment and liability insurance to handle any size job or facility to a high standard. With the strive to give our clients the best customer service in the business with competitive pricing.


- Large Commercial Facility Cleaning

- Retail & Restaurant 

- Entryway Cleaning



Our Goal

  Beautify Tulsa Pressure Cleaning has the goal to acquire large commercial cleaning contracts in the city Tulsa Oklahoma. With an actual passion and knowledge for cleaning we offer to you the cleanest your commercial company or facility has ever been with competitive pricing and the best customer service experience.

Demonstration: We would also be more than happy to show you a free quick demonstration of our power washing and service, equipment and results.



Commercial Rate

  Below is our complete power washing rate price list for any surface cleaning, for any construction equipment cleaning see the construction equipment price list section.

  Cold Power Washing

   Rate: .20 Cents A Square Foot

  High Temperature Power Washing

    Rate: .25 Cents A Square Foot


  Water Reclamation

    We have the ability to reclaim the water for filtration & proper waste disposal.




Equipment & Performance Spec's

 We chose to use the best Hotsy power washing equipment for our work.

Full Power Washing Trailer Setup

- Equipment. A new fully equipped industrial Hotsy power washing trailer system.
- Pressure. 16 H/P Brigs & Straton engine putting out 3,500 PSI of pressure.
- Water Tank. 325 gallon water tank putting out 4.5 gallons of water a minute.
- Furnace. 240 degree diesel high temp water furnace.
- Surface Cleaner. Surface cleaning machine like a lawn mower that moves over any surface with two high RPM blades that spin with water jets that professionally pressurizes any surface restoring to brand new like conditions.
- Results. The complete pressure cleaning of Hard embedded dirt, paint, gum, stains, oil, grease, spills, food, debris, trash and exc.


Water Reclamation & Filtration System

- Wet Vacuum. Powerful vacuum system that can suck up the access dirty waste water (grease, motor oil, toxins and debris) to be then pumped through the proper filtration system.
- Powerful Water Pump. 7 Gallon a minute inline water pump that's used for two purpose's. The first one is to push dirty oily water through a filtration system or it can be used to pump clean water for multi purpose's like spraying eco chemicals on top of roofs for mold cleaning and other similar purposes.
- Filtration System. Dirty hard water is pumped through a large filtration system letting only clean water through where it is then safe to dispose of down the city sewer. Complying with all the waste water city regulations.
- Purpose. Water reclamation & filtration system especially designed for gas stations and parking lot's or anywhere that waste water run off is an issue.



- Professional. Excellent and experienced power washing and cleaning skills put out some of the best results in the business. We have been professionally trained to use the industrial equipment properly along with controlling the water flow and waste disposal knowledge. Combined with a great passion and high energy for cleaning the right way and to the clients highest satisfaction.
- The Equipment. The equipment itself is brand new, powerful and we're are always upgrading and modifying.
- Customer Service. Excellent and friendly customer experience with fast response time and care for every job along with satisfaction.
- Maintenance. We can set up ongoing routine maintenance programs offered at a discount to continue to keep your company facilities and businesses clean year round.
- Results. A meticulous mindset gives you outstanding cleaning results to a new beautify standard in the industry.




Construction Equipment/Small To Large

  Its important to keep your business or personal construction and farm equipment clean of old grease, hard dirt, tar and any other build up for the purpose of best operating performance and any annual inspections. We specialize in and enjoy the cleaning process and have the industrial equipment and liability insurance to be able to handle this type of work. With our high temperature furnace and high water output we are able to give a very good clean for these types of equipment. We negotiate and have competitive pricing in the industry to give the best customer service.


Pressure Cleaning -

(Power Wash Includes/Entire Outside, Tires, Rims And Wheel Wells)

Skidsteer Loaders  $50

Wheel Loaders     $100

Backhoes            $120

Excavators          $130

Haulers               $150

Asphalt               $150

Graders               $150

Pavers                $150




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