Residential Pressure Cleaning

It's Your Home But We Are Here With The Equipment And Proper Cleaning Methods That Can Do The Difficult Jobs For You.

 $2,000,000 Liability Insurance

  • House (exterior) 
  • Driveways (Concrete, stone or pavers)
  • Sidewalks & Walkways
  • Oil/Grease spot removal from Concrete
  • Patios, wooden decks & wooden fences
  • Paint Removal
  • Pool areas
  • Dirt/cobweb removal
  • Pavers & Patios
  • Algae/Mold Removal
  • Garage Floors




Beautify Tulsa Pressure Cleaning has everything and the care needed to handle all forms of your residential pressure cleaning needs. We service all forms of small to large residential jobs in all the greater Tulsa Oklahoma area. We can safely clean and pressure wash any exterior part of your house. From light to high pressure cleaning of the exterior of your home. Our Non-toxic biodegradable products breakdown hard dirt and mildew that accumulates on your home. They should be cleaned annually to keep the valued esthetics in good shape and condition before mold and hard dirt set in and begin to ruin and wear. Our cleaning is great for homes that are about to go on the market.


Professional Exterior House Cleaning


Vinyl Siding








3-Step Process To Clean Your Home

We know the best methods for properly cleaning the exterior of your home. Using only the correct cleaning products for all the above materials found on most homes.

Followed by a pressure wash of everything with great results.

Fully Insured  2,000,000



Step 1:  Free Quote

 First, we come out to inspect and measure everything to be cleaned and give you an official quote.

We Charge:  15 Cents / SF  For our entire cleaning process.


Step 2:  Begin The Cleaning Process / Non-Toxic Biodegradable Products

 Upon excepting our quote we schedule a day to come out and begin our cleaning process.

 We gently spray our cleaning products on the exterior being cleaned and let it soak in for a few minutes, going to work on breaking down the hard dirt, stains and mildew embedded in the material.


Step 3:  Pressure Wash / 3,500 To Light Pressure / Cold To High Temperature

 We then finish with a pressure wash, rinsing off the cleaning products and removing any further hard dirt from the material.

Leaving a great clean and awesome look to be proud of.


- Vinyl Siding

 For those of you who have vinyl siding we can do one last easy step to effectively Bleach Treat the vinyl for that brilliant white result.

This process, including cleaning first is the best way to clean and then brighten the vinyl with proper vinyl bleach treatment products.

We Charge:  10 Cents / SF for vinyl bleach treatment.



Surface Pressure Cleaning

Below is our full residential pressure cleaning price list of the service's we offer.


Cold Simple Power Washing

Rate: 15 Cents A Square Foot

High Temperature Power Washing

Rate: 18 Cents A Square Foot


Surface Cleaner Machine

Included in Rate


Roof Washing & Cleaning

We offer special roof washing services mainly for access mold and hard dirt build up. We use a special pump to spray a special formulated eco chemical over roofs. The solution sits for awhile then is rinsed off and restored to clean again.

Chemical Roof Cleaning

Rate: .50 Cents A Square Foot




Thank you for your interest in our services 
If you have any questions, comments or need a quote feel free to call or email us.
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